The Benefits of Working in a Helping Profession

One of the benefits of living clear-minded is that we have the opportunity to show up for others in our lives. This may be in the form of service work, but sometimes we have the opportunity to work in professions where we can help others. It may be as a therapist, at a residential treatment center, or as a coach. However, there are many ways we can help others without working in the behavioral healthcare field.

For example, I work with a company that offers an online learning platform. People create classes and take classes with our site for many reasons on many subjects. We work closely with people to help them find the right choice for them, create an engaging class, and really get the most they can out of the experience. I know a few wonderful men who run 7 Second Man, a website, blog, book, and coaching service in which they work with people to help them cultivate the life they want for themselves. Helping people can take many forms, and it all depends on how we look at our jobs.

Although this isn’t “service” as we may think of it in recovery, it still offers the opportunity to help people. When I get to work with somebody who wants to grow in their career, I find it to be quite fulfilling. Whether someone is looking to take a practice test or lead a course on digital marketing, I have the chance to walk them through the process. Here are a few benefits I’ve found from working in a position where I get to help others directly.

Staying Connected

This is super important in my life. I do spend a lot of my time behind a computer and handling technical aspects of my job, but I also get to interact with people. Staying connected with other people is essential in my experience. I try to make a practice out of listening to each person’s needs and experience, and in trying to put myself in their shoes. Whether we’re working like this or working in a sober living home, we have the opportunity in every moment of interaction to truly connect with our fellows.

Learning About Others

I’ve always had a curious mind. I was the kid who constantly asked, “Why?” I don’t think I ever grew out of that habit, and I’m grateful for my interest in the world. When I have the opportunity to listen to somebody share with me what they’re going through and what they may benefit from, I find this curiosity serving me well. Bringing this interest in others to my work has kept me engaged and happy to interact. Furthermore, I often find that I have resources that they may not have, like connections with the Human Resources Certification Institute or local HR groups and networking groups.

Building Compassion

This goes with the previous two benefits, but it definitely warrants its own section. I have found that compassion is indeed a practice and something that can be cultivated. As I make an effort to bring compassion to my work, I find it comes more easily. This benefit of course seeps out into my life with my family and friends, and I’m able to be with people with more attention and care. Working in profession where I have the opportunity to help people gives me this beautiful opportunity to care for others every day.

Taking Care of Ourselves

It can be difficult for us to remember to take care of ourselves sometimes. We forget or get wrapped up in our days. After years of working in varying industries in which I had the opportunity to help others, I’ve found that self-care is an absolute must. If we spend all day showing up for others and neglect our own needs, we will eventually run out of fuel. We must keep up our own self-care practices if we are to truly and deeply show up for others.

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