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One of the most difficult pieces of recovery is building a support network. We get sober and are suddenly faced with a bunch of new feelings, experiences, and difficulties. If we’re active in a recovery group, we may have a sponsor or mentor. We may have friends and family that are supportive. But sometimes we just need the ability to share anonymously and immediately.

This is how we found Pocket Rehab, an awesome new app for iOS. As you may have done yourself, we’ve gone through the app store and downloaded pretty much every recovery app we could find. If you’ve done this, you know there are a ton of low-quality and basically useless apps out there. We usually delete the app within minutes.

With Pocket Rehab, we were drawn in immediately. The conversations are authentic, people are kind and raw, and it felt safe. Here’s a little bit about this app and why we love it. To be transparent and clear, we were in no way paid or compensated financially or otherwise for this post. We actually have this app on our phones, after finding them on Instagram. We super recommend checking it out!!!

The Problem

The problem is that addiction causes loneliness. When we’re using, we shut people out. Even if we haven’t burned every bridge in our lives, we often lose trust in others. I had a sponsor that often said, “We’re as sick as our secrets,” which always rang true for me in my life.

In recovery, it’s hard to suddenly start trusting people around us. Although there are many relatively safe spaces like support groups, therapy groups, and our friends, it can take some time to really build the ability to be open and honest. We may keep things in because we fear being judged.

We are all a work in progress, and it takes time to find our support networks. We slowly learn with whom we can be honest, how to be vulnerable, and where the right place is to share. During this period, especially in the first year ot two of recovery, honesty is one of our best friends. However, some people find it difficult or anxiety-producing to be honest with those around them.

Pocket Rehab’s Solution

This is where Pocket Rehab really comes in, and what inspired us to write and share about them. Pocket Rehab offers a place for people to interact anonymously and get support. I didn’t entirely get the name at first, but it quickly made sense to me… It’s like having your own support network accessible in your pocket!

There are public boards where you can ask questions and interact with other users. There are many people on the app with experience in recovery from various addictions. Although one of the dangers of an app like this is that people may be not always be nice, it seemed to be either really well-moderated or just full of kind and supportive people!

In addition to the public chat, users can use the My Lifeline function to request support immediately from a member that’s online and available. This offers the user the opportunity to get some support in those moments where they really need it.

Opportunity for Service

On the other hand, Pocket Rehab offers a wonderful opportunity to be of service. There are people on the app struggling to stay sober. Regardless of the amount of time clean you have, you can offer some support to those who need it. Service is an important part of many recovery programs and spiritual paths, and this app offers a way to be of service in your spare time.

The app is free to download and free to use, and is pretty simple to understand. It doesn’t have too much junk or useless stuff. It really sticks to its purpose and gets it done well! We super recommend downloading it, and maybe we’ll catch you there!

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