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How to Stop Smoking Weed

How to Flush THC Out of Your System

Let’s face it, drug tests are not cool, especially if you regularly use marijuana or hashish. Things get worse if you’ve got a test coming up and there’s really not much time left. The good news is though, you can flush the THC out from your body by using simple ways that guarantee a full flush in minimum time.

Surprise or routine tests are still a thing in many parts of the world, even when cannabis legalization and acceptance are becoming common. These tests are conducted regularly to ensure that no employee is breaking any of their employer’s policies.

If you’re a regular smoker then it is important to be aware of methods people use for passing a drug test for weed. We have written down a comprehensive guide below that can help you flush THC out of your body in the shortest time possible.

Before we begin the guide, you need to be aware that if you use cannabis on a frequent basis, you’ll have more THC metabolite accumulation within your body. In simple words, the more you smoke, the harder and longer it takes to flush. So if you are someone who has to go through tests frequently at work, try to reduce your overall intake of THC to avoid failing tests.

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Stop smoking pot temporarily

If you are aware of the drug test date, stop smoking any kind of stuff that has THC in it. The aim is to remove any THC metabolite from your body by completely stopping any additional intake. The longer you stop, the more likely you’ll be able to pass the test.

Take Zinc supplements

Zinc is known in the stoner’s world to help produce false-negative results in an urine-based weed test. Taking Zinc supplements after you smoke up and just days before the test will help you pass the test even if you have THC in your body. Keep in mind that this method can be hit or miss.

Dilute the urine

Another way to beat the urine weed test is to dilute your urine with drinking plenty of fresh water. This can help reduce the metabolite levels to a threshold where you can pass the test. Keep in mind diluting your urine can also lead to a retest because too much water in urine is not accepted as a sample. So make sure that you keep a good balance. Try to drink just above the recommended 12-16 glasses of water.

Use detox drinks

Last but not least, try your luck with various detox drinks available. These drinks are specifically made for people who want to bring down THC metabolites in the body. Many of these detox drinks have diuretic substances that make you pass urine frequently, consequently causing the metabolites in your body to go down.

Using these techniques can help in passing a drug test for weed but we do not guarantee that they will always work, especially if you started using these methods only 2-3 days before the test.

We highly recommend following these methods at least 5 days before the test for the best results.

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