Free Drug Rehab Programs in Oklahoma

Free Drug Rehab Programs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma consistently ranks high on lists of drug abuse. Oklahoma has seen an increase in methamphetamine use and the use of prescription painkillers in recent years. Like many other areas of the United States, those living in Oklahoma are facing an epidemic of drug abuse and addiction.

Unfortunately, many addiction treatment centers cost tens of thousands of dollars. A simple Google search will result in ads and results for luxurious rehabs that can drain the bank. However, there are many ways to find free drug rehab in your area. You can click the button below and we will personally help you find options for treatment for yourself or a loved one!

Addiction in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services has collected data over the past decades on drug abuse and mental health. In 2012, Oklahoma ranked second in the country in rates of substance abuse. This includes addiction to illicit substance, prescription medications like painkillers and Adderall, and alcohol.

Almost one-third of those meeting criteria for substance use disorder used alcohol as their drug of choice. Opioid use and meth use were also growing, although overdose deaths in Oklahoma have actually gone down over the past few years. The Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services shows much higher rates of abuse in Oklahoma when compared with the national average.

Scholarship Programs

There are many addiction treatment programs out there. Although many private centers cost thousands and thousands of dollars or require expensive private insurance, some offer scholarship programs. With a scholarship or award program, an individual can go to treatment without emptying their bank account.

You can try calling different private treatment centers to see if they offer scholarship beds or awards for those seeking help. It may take some persistence and a lot of resilience, but you may find someone willing to help you. You can also contact us via the button below. We will use our relationships from years in the addiction treatment industry to help you find free addiction treatment in Oklahoma and elsewhere in the United States.

Faith-Based Rehabs

Oklahoma also has many faith-based treatment centers. Whether you’re struggling with alcoholism, heroin addiction, or a mental health disorder, there are faith-based options out there. If you are a person of faith, one of these facilities may be a great option. They often offer care for those struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism, at little or no cost. The battle against drug abuse in Oklahoma has been a tough one, and there are many religious institutions offering a path to recovery.

State-Funded Addiction Treatment

There are also state-funded and county-funded options for those struggling with addiction. The United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Treatment Locator offers a wonderful way to find help. There are low-cost and free treatment options in Oklahoma for those struggling with alcoholism, mental health disorders, polysubstance abuse and addiction, and more. Whether you need help getting sober, a therapist, or opioid replacement therapy, SAMHSA has it all.

The important piece is not to give up. Finding free drug rehab in Oklahoma may feel like a longshot in moments, but there are options out there. When we make the effort to get sober and quit drugs and alcohol, we can achieve great results. Although it feels hopeless, there’s always a path to recovery and newfound sobriety.

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