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finding recovery

Don’t Do it On Your Own

One of the biggest problems we see in people struggling to recover from addiction is trying to do it on their own. We get the allure and why it happens. However, it’s crucial to know that those that seek help and reach out are far more likely to recovery. You can help yourself by engaging in a support group, talking to family, or by finding a trained therapist.

The Benefits of Community

The simple truth is that quite a bit of research has shown that community is important in recovery from many conditions, including addiction. In fact, some doctors and researchers believe a community to be the single most important factor in recovering from addiction.

A community can look many different ways. It doesn’t even have to be a sober or recovery-based community. Maybe it’s a meditation group, a mountain biking club, or a community of artists. Whatever it is, it’s helpful.

A community gives us social responsibility, the ability to feel that we belong, and some encouragement toward growth. Community supports us when we’re struggling and gives us the oppportunity to feel a part of something bigger.

Mental treatment

Individual Therapy

Althought individual therapy may not be a form of community, it is a way we can reach out to others in a helpful way. Research has shown that therapy is helpful in treating addiction. Yes, this section is called individual therapy, but group therapy is an option too. This allows you to also get the community aspect.

Either way, a therapist can be a great assett in your recovery. Learn to trust someone completely, take advice, and find some direction in your life. Therapists are trained to help people through things like addiction, and you certainly will benefit from a relationship with a therapist or counselor.

Support Groups

Support groups are perhaps the most obvious way to find a community in recovery. There are many recovery support groups, with the twelve step programs by far being the most well-known.

It doesn’t have to be twelve-step. As discussed in this post, there are many ways to recover without AA or the twelve steps. What matters is finding a community of people who get it, who have been through similar difficulties, and can support one another.

Family and Friends

Many people do get sober without treatment or support groups. In these cases, close friends and family are key. Regardless of your situation, you can find a sense of community with family and loved ones. These are people who likely love you unconditionally. Although we may have shame, these are great people in whom to confide.

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