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Do People Get Sober Without Treatment?

Do People Get Sober Without Treatment?

With all of the news about addiction treatment centers, body brokers, and dangerous practices in the world today, more and more people are trying to get sober without going to an inpatient treatment center. There are many ways people recover from addiction, and different tools and resources you can use. Although residential treatment proves successful for many people, you can find your own path to recovery from addiction.

Companions and Coaches

sober companions and coachesOne way you can support yourself in your recovery is by hiring a sober companion or recovery coach. Companions and coaches receive special training and have expertise in working with those struggling with addiction. Although the roles of the two are different, many companions also hold coaching certifications, and many coaches also hold companion certifications.

A sober companion will spend time with the addict, helping them stay safe, stable, and grounded in their recovery. They can help you when things are rough, at times you’d usually use drugs or alcohol, and when things are good. Sober companions will help you build new coping mechanisms, create new habits, and find new ways to look at life without substances.

Therapy and Groups

Another thing people do that can be helpful is therapy. You can work with an individual therapist, or find a therapy group for addiction. Therapists receive thorough training in working with individuals who are struggling, and they can be of great help when trying to get sober.

You can search online for therapists. Many will offer free consultations with no commitment. Find a therapist or group that feels right to you. Although no therapist may be perfect or your best friend, you do want to find someone you can trust and with whom you can be honest.

Peer Support Groups

You can of course find support in a twelve step program or another support group. These programs are not led by clinicians, but are peer-led support groups. There are tons of different twelve-step groups, and meetings can be found across the world to offer support to those struggling with addictions of all kinds.

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