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5 addiction recovery apps you need

5 Addiction Recovery Apps You Need

5 Addiction Recovery Apps You Need

Smartphones and technology can be incredibly harmful in recovery or incredibly helpful. We look at our phones, get out of our heads, and avert from whatever we’re experiencing. Instead of going on Facebook or Instagram, here are a few addiction recovery apps for both Android and iPhones you can spend time on!

in the roomsIn The Rooms

In the Rooms is one of the older websites and sobriety apps. We’ve been using it for quite a few years. Although it certainly isn’t the prettiest app or interface, it makes up for it in content. In the Rooms has a huge community of people in recovery from many different addictions and walking many different paths.

You can find support from people in your community, share milestones, and even attend online meetings. In the Rooms has support for twelve-step, SMART, Refuge Recovery, and many different paths of recovery that work for different people. Check them out at www.InTheRooms.com.

12 steps aa companion12 Steps AA Companion

The 12 Steps AA Companion mobile app is obviously for people who take the twelve-step route to recovery. The app costs a few dollars, but is well worth the price if you use it! It is available on both Android and Apple devices, and has a sobriety calculator, a full Big Book, prayers from the book and steps, the promises of the steps, and more. If you’re active in a twelve-step recovery program, this app really is a must-have.

One of my favorite things you can do with this recovery app is highlight and save passages in the Big Book. There’s an index, you can find what you’re looking for easily, and search through the Alcoholics Anonymous book. Although twelve-step isn’t for everyone, this is a wonderful app for those who identify with the twelve-step program and experience! Check them out on iTunes and Google Play

addiction recovery appsPocket Rehab

Pocket Rehab is a relatively new addiction recovery app that we love. We’ve had the pleasure of interacting a bit with the founders of the app, and just love their energy, passion, and mission. The app essentially offers a support community right in your pocket. You can reach out for help and get support when you’re struggling. It’s anonymous, private, and you can get help in real time. You can talk to people one-on-one, or participate in a community forum.

On the other hand, Pocket Rehab offers a wonderful opportunity to offer support. Being of service is an important part of recovery, and this mobile app gives you a great chance to be of service in your free moments. Be a sounding board, offer suggestions, or just connect with someone who is struggling and you can make a huge difference in someone’s life! Check them out at www.GetPocketRehab.com.

sober gridSober Grid

Sober Grid is one of the most popular recovery apps out there, and for good reason. It has a pretty solid community, an easy-to-understand news feed, and great uses. In our searches, it pops up as the #1 app for recovery and addiction on both Android and iOS. They take pride in having approval and grants form the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, and run a pretty awesome app. You can add friends, find people local to you, reach out for help, and find meetings.

The app works much like Facebook or other social media sites work. You can follow people and get a newsfeed. When we use Sober Grid, we love it because it is like having a sober Facebook feed. All of the posts in our feed are uplifting, authentic, and helpful. There are many chances to ask for help or support another, and you can spend time on Sober Grid without running out of people to interact with. Check them out at www.SoberGrid.com.

best sobriety appsInsight Timer

Finally, we’re including a mobile app on this list that is actually related to meditation. We have included it on our list of our favorite addiction and sobriety apps because it’s been so useful to us in our recovery. Insight Timer is a mobile app you can use to practice meditation in various forms. It’s free to use, and there are thousands of teachers and guided meditations. You can track your meditations, your stats, and when you sit.

It also includes a social aspect. Individuals can join groups and add friends to connect with other people who meditate. There are many great resources for those in recovery, and specific groups for people who are in recovery from addiction and enjoy meditation. You can check them out at www.InsightTimer.com.

Addiction Rehab Blog is not affiliated with any of these mobile apps. We love them, but we don’t work with them or represent them. This list was compiled without any contribution (financial or otherwise) from any of these apps or producers, and is our true and honest opinion!

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